It started with two needles and a dream.

The idea of For Knit Me Knot began with an exceptionally cold Minnesota winter.  Living in an under insulated apartment with no cable TV, Quinn and Ashton sheltered indoors and revived their love of knitting. Sweaters and shawls were made for friends and loved ones alike.  Once it no longer became reasonable to have another hand knit sweater in each of their closets, they began thinking about sharing their knitting with a wider audience.

In 2017, For Knit Me Knot held their first market.  After carefully selecting the coziest fiber available and designing product, they went with the goal of selling one item. They sold everything and thought "we should probably keep doing this."

Today For Knit Me Knot has expanded with presence in retail locations throughout Minnesota and the United States.  The team of knitters has moved beyond just Quinn and Ashton to a wider group of passionate fiber artists.  Each piece is lovingly crafted with cozy warmth in mind. 


Interested in stocking For Knit Me Knot in your store?  Let's get in touch.